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Freedom Programme

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Did you know that someone is abused every 15 seconds?

Abuse must be stopped and if you find yourself in an abusive relationship, please try and attend a Freedom programme. Womens' Aid run this course and there is the book 'Living With The Dominator' written by Pat Craven. Pat was/is a Probation Officer who worked for a number of years with abusers. She found there was a pattern to the abuse and wrote the book, which is used as a training programme. It explains the thought processes behind the abuser and shows you what to look out for, so you can avoid it happening again. It also shows you that YOU are not abnormal, it is NOT your fault. Pat Craven is a fantastic person and I attended the programme twice!!! Pat also discovered that abusers fell into categories, some overlapping, which helps pin point possible abusers. She also has a contrast person to look at, showing what people should be like.

Why twice? I was in shock the first time round to find out it wasn't just happening to me! Also the truth about the abuser can hurt at times - yes they do know what they are doing, even when they tell us differently. The second time round was to absorb the information more and learn further details missed first time around. It's nice to sit in a room with other women who have been through similar events and to talk freely for the first time without being judged or thought you are a liar and making things up.

Of course tears are also shed, but that is part of the healing process.

I will refer to Pat Craven a lot in the future and wish to thank her for all the hard work she has done to help release so many women from abuse.

Pat's book can be found on

A few shocking stats on domestic violence

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In Zambia 5 women a week are murdered by male partner or family member.

Brazil 2010, 10 women are killed daily due to domestic violence.

On average 2 women a week are killed by a current or former male partner in the UK.

On average 60 men a year are killed by a current or former female partner in the UK.

In Bangladesh, 50% of all murders are of women by their partners.

Domestic Violence book

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I have read the book 'Finally at Peace' by Katie Kay. It is rather a short book at 48 pages, but well worth the read. I wish she had written more as I felt that alot had been omitted. I felt a little cheated too in the way she managed to escape Domestic Violence in the ultimate death of the abuser in a motor accident. Saying that what was written was comprehensive and understandable. She developed a good emotional factor within the text and brought you directly into the middle of the action. I wonder what would have happened if the abuser had not died so untimely?

Product Details

I have not escaped contact with my abusers, but I am learning to control situations, so they can no longer control me. The reason they are still about? my children!

I wish it could be that easy for victims/survivors, but it isn't. I am going to read a number of other books concerning DV,and will keep you up to date of their contents too.


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I finished writing my 50,000 words for the NaNoWriMo at the weekend, with plenty of time to spare. Now the harwork will start of moulding it into a proper novel. The main plot is written, which I thought would be the hardest - but it isn't, it's the padding out and checking I haven't gone off on a tangent (yet again).

If anyone wants to write a novel and keeps putting it off, try the NaNo WriMo its a great incentive to write!!!